Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Alvarez Regent 5210 1990s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Laminated dreadnaught; good beginner's guitar Chip Case 99

Alvarez RT16 2013 Acoustic Travel Size Dreadnought Natural Nice travel guitar; spruce top; mahogany back and sides; excellent condition Soft Case 169

Alvarez RT16 2013 Acoustic Travel Size Dreadnought Natural Nice travel guitar; spruce top; mahogany back and sides; excellent condition Soft Case 169

Alvarez MPA66SHB 2014 Acoustic Parlor Tobacco Sunburst Masterworks model; slot head parlor; all solid woods; all original Original Hard Case 479

Alvarez-Yairi CY-125 1981 Acoustic Classical Natural Solid cedar top; rosewood back and sides; traditional neck Hard Case 459

Alvarez-Yairi DYITS 2000s Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Cutaway Tobacco Sunburst AA solid red cedar top; rosewood back and sides Hard Case 899

Breedlove Oregon Concert 2010 Acoustic Concert Natural w/ black binding Made in Oregon; solid sitka spruce top; solid myrtle wood back and sides; Fishman pickup installed Hard Case 899

Faith Neptune Cutaway Electro 2015 Acoustic Electric Mini Jumbo Cutaway Natural All solid wood; designed by Patrick James Eggle Hard Case 629

Flinthill FHG-16 2010 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Solid spruce top; great value; a cannon! Soft Case 199

Garcia No. 1 1974 Acoustic Classical Natural Gloss Spanish pine top; rosewood back and sides Soft Case 219

Gretsch G922 2015 Acoustic Resonator Nickel Silver Dobro-style spider cone; 2 F holes; factory pickup Hard Case 549

Guild G-212NT 1978 Acoustic 12-String Dreadnought Natural Nice American made 12-string; plays great Original Hard Case 1099

Herb Wecker Model 1A 1977 Acoustic Classical Natural Gloss Made in Oregon; Brazillian rosewood; nice handmade classical Original Hard Case 899

Highland W-SP-21N ? Acoustic Classical Natural Good 'Swedish'-style classical; plays great Soft Case 219

La Patrie Etude 2000s Acoustic Classical Natural Made in Canada; nice affordable classical Soft Case 239

Langenjans W-12 1994 Acoustic Electric 12-String Jumbo/Dreadnought Cutaway Dark Stain Natural Gloss Handmade in Michigan; high quality 12-string Original Soft Case 1149

Martin GPCPA5 2015 Acoustic Electric Grand Performance Cutaway Natural Satin Solid spruce top; excellent condition (Mexico) Soft Case 629

Martin OMC-15E 2005 Acoustic Electric Orchestra Cutaway Natural Satin All solid mahogany; made in USA Hard Case 949

Martin D-15M 2011 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Mahogany Satin All solid mahogany; excellent condition; plays great Hard Case 999

Martin DCPA4 2000s Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Cutaway Natural Gloss Top Great performance dreadnought; mint condition! Original Hard Case 1159

Oahu Square Neck Acoustic 1940s Acoustic Parlor Tobacco Sunburst Great little vintage slide box Soft Case 229

Republic Highway '61 2014 Acoustic Short-Scale Resonator Cutaway Polished Nickel Very cool short-scale cutaway reso; perfect bottle neck slide guitar; single cone; all original Original Case 589

Sogo SL-54 1970s Acoustic Classical Natural Handmade Japanese classical; sounds like an expensive old classical! Soft Case 229

Takamine F-349 1983 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Mahogany top, back, and sides; plays great Soft Case 299

Taylor GS-Mini 2011 Acoustic Mini Jumbo Natural Solid spruce top; big sound from a little guitar Original Soft Case 439

Truetone by Kay OM Acoustic Early '60s Acoustic Orchestra Natural Made in Chicago; all solid woods; very good condition; all original Original Case 299

Ventura V-14 Late '70s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Nice '70s Japanese dreadnought; cool machine! Chip Case 349

Yamaha CG192C 2001 Acoustic Electric Classical Natural Solid American cedar top; ebony fretboard; excellent condition Soft Case 475

Austin Bazaar Strat-style 2000s Electric Solid Metallic Cobalt Intro level strat-style Soft Case 59

Daisy Rock Heartbreaker 2000s Electric Solid Metallic Purple Cool heart-shape; sounds great, plays great Case Extra 129

Dean Baby V 1981 Electric Solid Black Made in USA (Chicago); super lightweight; Dimarzio Super Distortion humbucker Soft Case 479

Epiphone SG Special 1995 Electric Solid Black Low action; heavy rock style; easy to play Soft Case 139

Epiphone Firebird 1980s Electric Solid Tobacco Sunburst Quality Korean-made; Steinberger trem replaced with Bigsby Hard Case 379

Epiphone Century 2016 Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst '66 reissue; all original; mint condition Soft Case 499

Epiphone Zephyr Regent 1998 Electric Hollow Sunburst Great jazz box; plays great Hard Case 599

Epiphone ES-175 Premium 2014 Electric Full Hollow Archtop Black Made in Korea; USA Classic '57 pickups; excellent condition; awesome electric jazz box! Original Hard Case 649

Epiphone ES-339 P90 Pro 2015 Electric Semi-hollow Black Excellent condition; cool semi-hollow; plays great Soft Case 399

Epiphone Les Paul '56 P-90 Pro 2014 Electric Solid Black Excellent condition; plays great Hard Case 479

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2010 Electric Solid Transparent Mustard Yellow Flame Top Flame top; excellent condition; plays great Soft Case 499

Epiphone Les Paul Custom Prophecy Plus II 2000s Electric Solid Transparent Cherryburst Flame Top All original; mint condition; AAA top Hard Case 599

Fender American Standard Stratocaster 1993 Electric Solid Metallic Red Reassembled fr/ non-original but matching neck and body; matching headstock; Duncan Antiquity Hard Case 899

Fender American Standard Stratocaster 1993 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; plays great Hard Case 939

Fender HSS American Standard Stratocaster 2011 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; plays great Hard Case 1049

Fender American '62 Reissue Stratocaster 2001 Electric Solid Inca Silver All original; 1-11/16 inch nut; Inca Silver w/ matching headstock Hard Case 1299

Fender Stratocaster 1975 Electric Solid Natural All original; excellent condition; one owner, super clean; awesome ash body! Original Hard Case 2899

Fender Standard Telecaster 2000 Electric Solid Blonde Made in Mexico; after-market bridge; Duncan pickup in neck Hard Case 399

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2009 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; alder body; plays great Hard Case 999

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2013 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; excellent condition; plays great Hard Case 1049

Floyd Rose Discovery Series OT 2010 Electric Solid Metallic Red Solid body; locking trem; 3 pickups; all original Soft Case 269

G# Travel Size 2000s Electric Solid Black Made in Denmark; acoustic and electric pickups Original Soft Case 359

G&L Legacy 2010s Electric Solid Tobacco Sunburst Made in USA; mint condition Hard Case 799

G&L Legacy 2003 Electric Solid Mary Kay Blonde (Transparent) Made in USA; swamp ash body; rosewood board; Mary Kay finish; sold new by Wade's Guitar Shop; one owner Hard Case 949 on sale 799!

Gibson BR-3 Lap Slide 1940s Electric Lap Slide Solid Tobacco Sunburst Cool '40s lap slide; reissue tuners Original Hard Case 799

Gibson Les Paul Tribute P-90 2013 Electric Solid Honeyburst Satin Excellent condition; plays great Original Soft Case 875

Gibson Les Paul Gem Topaz 1996 Electric Solid Topaz Sunburst All original; lightweight; plays great Hard Case 899

Gibson SG Future 2013 Electric Solid Transparent Wine Near mint condition; Min-ETune electronic tuners replaced w/ classic Kluson Soft Case 749

Gibson Les Paul Studio 2008 Electric Solid Black USA quality; great condition; plays great Original Hard Case 1049

Guild T-50 2015 Electric Hollow Tobacco Sunburst Made in Korea; vintage-style reissue Hard Case 799

Heritage Millenium DC 2015 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Red w/ White Binding One piece mahogany neck; solid carved maple top; Seth Lover humbuckers Hard Case 1799

Ibanez Silver Series Strat Copy 1976 Electric Solid Sunburst Early Duncan Quarter Pound bridge pickup; all else original Original Hard Case 479 on sale 349!

Ibanez AM73B 2013 Electric Semi-hollow Chestnut Brown Natural Burst w/ black binding Nice semi-hollow; good condition; plays great Soft Case 339

Jackson Dinky 1996 Electric Solid Transparent Blue Flame Top Made in Japan; Sustaniac pickup Soft Case 299

Kay Custom Archtop 1960s Electric Hollow Honeyburst Dearmond gold foil pickup and Bigsby added; plays and sounds awesome! Soft Case 699

Kay L1319 1958 Electric Full Hollow Archtop Tobacco Sunburst Chicago-made Kay; 2 speedbump pickups; new switch; plays and sounds quite amazing!! Hard Case 799

Kay Thin Twin 1954 Electric Hollow Natural Restoration tuners, all else original; Jimmy Reed model; cool '50s rocker! Non-Original Hard Case 1499

Peavey T-15 1984 Electric Solid Flamenco Red Made in USA (Mississippi); amp in case; low action Original Hard Case 439

SNAFU (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) Deluxe Telecaster-Style 2010 Electric Solid Sunburst Quarter Pounder Duncan in neck; humbucker in bridge; plays great Hard Case 729

Sakova SG Copy 1970s Electric Solid Transparent Wine Made in Japan by the Motsumoko factory Soft Case 379

Squier by Fender Bullet 1980s Electric Solid Black Made in Korea; plays great Soft Case 225

Squier/Parts Guitar Bullet 1980s Electric Solid Chestnut Stain Natural Awesome '80s Korean Squier neck on custom 1-piece Honduran mahogany body; plays great Hard Case 429


Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Washburn AB-10 1990s Acoustic Electric Cutaway Bass Black Gloss Cool Korean-made acoustic bass; underrated; very high quality Soft Case 199

Epiphone EB-3 2006 Electric Solid Transparent Brick Red Custom DiMarzio in bridge Soft Case 299

Fender Dee Dee Ramone P-Bass 2015 Electric Solid Marshmallow Excellent condition; plays and sounds great Soft Case 699

Fender Geddy Lee Jazz Bass 2016 Electric Solid Black Made in USA; excellent condition; plays great Original Hard Case 1299

Grande Jazz Bass early '70s Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Japan; super cool Fender copy; Duncan pickup upgrade Original Hard Case 429

Hofner 500/1 Icon Series Beatle Bass 2000s Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Asian-made; limited '60s reissue with “Staple” pickups Original Hard Case 399

Kalamazoo KB 1960s Electric Solid Marshmallow Made in Gibson factory in MI; short scale; EB-0 pickup Soft Case 529

Lyon by Washburn P-Bass Copy 1990s Electric Solid Black Nice, affordable starter bass; plays nice Soft Case 139

Squier by Fender Jaguar Bass 2000s Electric Solid Suburst Plays great Soft Case 249

Sterling by Musicman Sub Series Bass 2000s Electric Solid Black Affordable Musicman variation; all original; excellent condition; great starter bass Soft Case 199

Supro Violin Bass 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Long scale; new back plate; cool sound Hard Case 399

Tokai Jazz Sound 1970s Electric Solid Sunburst Excellent Japanese-made Jazz-style bass Original Hard Case 749

Warwick Rock Bass 5 String 2000 Electric Solid Transparent Teal Great pre-amp; plays great; cool 5-string Soft Case 369