Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Alvarez AD60 2004 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural All original; solid spruce top; made in Korea Soft Case 269

Alvarez PJ85SC-12 2006 Acoustic Electric 12-String Jumbo Cutaway Tobacco Sunburst 12-string jumbo with electronics; all original; great tone and action Soft Case SOLD

Alvarez FDT243C 2009 Acoustic Electric Thin Body Dreadnought Cutaway Flamed Maple Natural Gloss Thin body dreadnought; flamed maple; nice electronics; plays great Hard Case SOLD

Breedlove Atlas Series Stage C25/SRE 2012 Acoustic Electric Concert Cutaway Natural Gloss Deep body concert; solid sitka spruce top; solid rosewood back; L.R. Baggs electronics Hard Case SOLD

Cortez #35 Dreadnought 1970s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss 3 piece back; cool Japanese guitar with killer tone Soft Case 249

Epiphone Cortez 1960s Acoustic Grand Concert Size Natural Made in Kalamazoo; X-braced; cracks repaired by us; great tone and action Original Chip Case SOLD

Fender Sonoran 2009 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Solid spruce top; maple neck; strat-style headstock; plays great Soft Case 239

Garrison GD-41 2006 Acoustic Dreadnought Dark Natural Gloss Top Made in Canada; all original; pre-Gibson buyout Hard Case 459

Guild D-25 1980 Acoustic Dreadnought Tobacco Sunburst Made in Rhode Island; solid spruce top; solid mahogany back and sides; BIG tone! Hard Case SOLD

Martin DXME 2006 Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Natural Excellent condition; Fishman Classic 4 pickup; get into Martin at a great price! Soft Case 429

Martin D-2R 2001 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Satin Looks like a D-28! Discontinued model; plays and sounds great! Hard Case 899

Martin 000C-16RGT 2005 Acoustic Electric Auditorium Cutaway Natural Custom shop; rosewood back and sides; K&K pickup installed; killer custom Martin! Original Hard Case 1249

Oahu Square Neck Acoustic 1940s Acoustic Parlor Tobacco Sunburst Great little vintage slide box Soft Case 229

Recording King ROM-06-CFE4 2013 Acoustic Electric Size OM Cutaway Natural Solid top OM with Fishman electronics; upgraded Grover tuner keys Soft Case 349

Seagull Maritime Mini Humbo HG 2000s Acoustic Mini Jumbo Natural Gloss Excellent condition; Fishman pickup; neck just replaced by Seagull for us Tric Case 549

Takamine EG540C 1995 Acoustic Electric Grand Auditorium Cutaway Natural Nice pre-amp and pickup; plays great Soft Case 349

Takamine EG444C-VV 2012 Acoustic Electric Mini Jumbo Cutaway Orange Burst Flame Maple Flame maple top, back, and sides; small jumbo body; plays and sounds great Original Hard Case 419

Taylor 812-WAL (Ltd. Ed.) 1992 Acoustic Auditorium Dark Natural Gloss Highly figured walnut; rare and cool; plays and sounds great! Original Hard Case 1699

Vineyard ASL-100 (Weissenborn-style) 2007 Acoustic Weissenborn-style Dark Natural All original; very cool! Original Hard Case 339

Washburn R320SWRK 2000s Acoustic Parlor Dark Natural Styled after early 1900s Washburn; all solid rosewood back and sides; all solid aged spruce top Original Hard Case 469

Yamaha CG192C 2001 Acoustic Electric Classical Natural Solid American cedar top; ebony fretboard; excellent condition Soft Case 475

EKO Cobra II 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Great condition; very cool '60s guitar; plays great Soft Case 439

Eastwood Sidejack Deluxe 2008 Electric Solid Black Early version with Burns tremolo; great vintage tone; plays great Soft Case 349

Eastwood Hi Flyer 2008 Electric Solid Transparent Blueburst Custom-modded by Wade; 2 Duncan Jaguar pickups added; 4 pickups; ask about custom wiring; versatile Soft Case 429

Eastwood Saturn 63 2010 Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Duncan lipsticks and Fishman powerbridge; very versatile Soft Case 579

Epiphone Les Paul – Steinberger 1980s Electric Solid Black American Gibson pickup; Steinberger bridge permanently locked down; plays great Soft Case 299

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2008 Electric Solid Transparent Honeyburst Flame Top Excellent condition; flame top; plays great Hard Case 429

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2005 Electric-Left Handed Solid Quilted Cherry Sunburst Left-handed electric; made in Korea; great condition; plays awesome! Soft Case SOLD

Epiphone Les Paul Custom 2006 Electric Solid Black All original; excellent condition; factory 2nd (blemish on neck) Hard Case 499

Epiphone Firebird early 1990s Electric Solid Transparent Tobacco Burst Super distortion humbucker in bridge; converted by us to Bigsby vibrato Hard Case 449

Epiphone Dot 2013 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Red Satin Semi-hollow design; plays great Soft Case 389

Epiphone Emperor Joe Pass 1998 Electric Hollow Natural Made in Korea; flamed maple back and sides; all original Hard Case 599

Fender Bullet 1981 Electric Solid Red Made in USA; Strat scale length; excellent condition; plays great; li'l ripper! Soft Case 599

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1994 Electric Solid Black Made in Mexico; pickups upgraded; slight wear, but great tone Soft Case 389

Roland/Fender GC-1 GK Stratocaster (coming soon) Electric Solid Black Alder body; rosewood fretboard; Roland GK synth pickup; plays great Soft Case 399

Fender Deluxe Stratocaster 1997 Electric Solid Metallic Red Made in Mexico; cool color; plays great Soft Case 399

Fender Standard Stratocaster 2004 Electric Solid Dakota Red Semi-Gloss Made in Mexico; nice tone and action; cool strat Soft Case SOLD

Fender Highway One Stratocaster 2002 Electric Solid Blonde Made in the USA; 3 single coil pickups; ash body Hard Case 629

Fender Highway One Stratocaster 2007 Electric Solid Blonde Made in USA; excellent condition; Alnico pickups; light alder body Soft Case 699

Fender Esquire 2013 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Mexico; all original; mint condition Soft Case 619

Fender Musicmaster II 1966 Electric Solid Metallic Wine Cool vintage vibe; refinished; plays great Soft Case 699

Fender Jaguar Special HH 1994 Electric Solid Black Made in Japan; 2 humbuckers; plays great Soft Case 729

Fender Standard Telecaster 1998 Electric Solid Black (coming soon) Soft Case (coming soon)

Fender Deluxe Blacktop Telecaster 2008 Electric Solid Black All original; 3 pickups; cool and versatile Soft Case 529

Fender '69 Reissue Telecaster Thinline 2005 Electric Semi-hollow Natural/Mahogany Body Lightweight semi-hollow; sounds awesome! Soft Case 679

Fender '72 Reissue Telecaster Thinline 2007 Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst All original; Wide Range humbuckers; near mint+ condition Soft Case 699

Fender Highway One Telecaster 2004 Electric Solid Transparent Red Satin Made in the USA; all original Original Hard Case 799

Fender Telecaster Deluxe Nashville 2009 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Mexico; 3 pickups; 5-way switch; cool and versatile Soft Case 449

Fender '72 Telecaster Custom 1996 Electric Solid Black Made in Japan; '72 reissue; amazing quality; Keith Richards's style Hard Case 849

Fender American Special Telecaster 2007 Electric Solid Sunburst Excellent+ condtion; stock vintage-style bridge; plays and sounds great Original Hard Case 899

Gibson SG Special Classic 2005 Electric Solid Cherry Stain '60s style; mahogany body; P-90s; plays great Original Hard Case 849

Gibson Les Paul Special 1999 Electric Solid Mahogany Natural Lightweight mahogany; trapezoid fret markers; cool! Hard Case 929

Gibson Les Paul Classic 2007 Electric Solid Cherryburst All original; super light weight Original Hard Case 1249

Gibson Melodymaker 1965 Electric Solid Cardinal Red (very rare!) All original; 2 pickups; rare custom color; vibrola; plays and sounds great Non-original Hard Case SOLD

Godin Solidac 2000 Electric Solid Black Single cutaway solid body with standard pickups and bridge transducer with preamp Soft Case 449

Gretsch Chet Atkins 6120 1964 Electric Semi-hollow Orange Classic orange semi-hollow; pre-”Nashville” appointments; all original except reissue bridge; plays and sounds amazing!! Original Hard Case Was 3399

NOW $2999

Ibanez RG-570 2001 Electric Solid Metallic Copper All original; made in Japan; Floyd Rose; fast action Hard Case 399

Ibanez Roadstar II 1984 Electric Solid Black Made in Japan; plays and sounds great Soft Case 399

Ibanez Studio 1980 Electric Solid Sunburst Nice vintage Japanese electric; high output humbuckers New Hard Case 549

Jackson Kelly 2004 Electric Solid Black All original; Explorer body style; total ripper Original Soft Case 229

Oahu Electric Lap Slide Pre WWII Electric Solid Tobacco Sunburst Cool old lap slide; sounds great; rock 'n' roll! Original Hard Case 549

PRS SE ONE 2000s Electric Solid Sunburst Single soap bar P-90; Korina wood; excellent import model Soft Case 399

PRS SE Torero 2000s Electric Solid Burgundy Flame Top Nice flame maple top; Floyd Rose locking tremolo; active EMGs; plays great Hard Case 649

Rickenbacker Model 105 Lap Steel (console) 1961 Electric Solid Gray Hammertone All original; play as a lap steel or on 3 legs as a console Original Hard Case 599

SNAFU Mod Shop (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) Danocaster '60s/'90s Electric Semi-hollow Black with White Speckles '60s Danelectro/Silvertone body; Japanese telecaster neck; lipstick tube pickup; Jaguar mute Soft Case 429

SNAFU (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) '58 Custom Telecaster-style 2011 Electric Solid Cherry Burst Duncan Antiquities P-90, Jazzmaster, and Firebird pickups; Jazzmaster vibrato tailpiece; cool and versatile; cutom-made in Milwaukee! Soft Case 849

SNAFU (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) Red Dawg 2010 Electric Solid Cherry Cool tele-strat hybrid; 2 Duncan pickups Soft Case 429

Samick 750N 2006 Electric Solid Abalone Mosaic Cool LP-style; abalone and M.O.P.; plays great Soft Case 549

Schechter Diamond Classic 2002 Electric Solid Marbled Blonde Duncan pickups; neck through construction; very cool! Soft Case 499

Squier by Fender Stratocaster 2000 Electric Solid Black Good starter; rock on! Soft Case 109

Teisco 4-Pickup Spectrum 1960s Electric Solid Candy Apple Red Made in Japan; all original; rare and cool! Soft Case 399 (reduced from 469)


Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Epiphone Thunderbird Bass 2007 Electric Solid Tobacco Sunburst Nice, affordable copy of a classic; bolt-on neck Soft Case 239

Fender Jazz Bass Standard 2012 Electric Solid Metallic Teal Made in Mexico; classic jazz bass setup Soft Case 399

Fender Jazz Bass Standard 2011 Electric Solid Metallic Sky Blue Made in the USA; Duncan pickups; cool custom color Soft Case 469

Fender Musicmaster Bass 1976 Electric Solid Black Made in USA; all original; medium scale; great tone and action Original Chip Case 799

Fender '70s Reissue Precision Bass 1994-95 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Japan; alder body; thin, Jazz-style neck Soft Case 799

Fender Deluxe P-Bass 1998 Electric Solid Black Made in the USA; all original; P-J humbuckers Hard Case 879

Fender American Standard P-Bass 2002 Electric Solid Seafoam Green Cool, rare color; factory stock hipshot D-tuner; plays and sounds great Hard Case 899

Gibson Les Paul Recording Triumph Bass 1973 Electric Solid Walnut Brown Stain All original; rare bass version of Les Paul's recording model; low or high impedence; very cool! Original Hard Case 1499

Hofner 500/1 Beatles Bass Cavern Ltd. 2013 Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Asian-made; limited '50s reissue with German-made pickups Original Hard Case 799

Ibanez BTB575FM 5-String Bass 2004 Electric 5-String Solid Transparent Blue Quilted Maple Top Quilted maple top; active electronics; neck-thru body; plays great Soft Case 429

Ibanez Artist Bass 1977 Electric Solid Dark Stain Natural All original; set-neck; nice woods; excellent condition; great tone and action Original Hard Case 699

Squier by Fender Mickey May Mustang Bass 2013 Electric Solid Gold Sparkle with Black Accent Based on 1969 Competition Mustang bass; short scale; plays great; cool! Soft Case 249

Supro Violin Bass 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Long scale; new back plate; cool sound Hard Case 399

Warwick Rock Bass 5 2000s Electric 5-String Solid Transparent Blue Great pre-amp; plays great; cool 5-string! Soft Case 369