Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Alvarez RD26 2014 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Great beginner guitar; set up and plays well Soft Case 159

Alvarez LJ60 2014 Acoustic Little Jumbo Natural Travel-size mini jumbo; solid spruce top; plays and sounds great Soft Case 169

Alvarez 5035 1970s Acoustic Dreadnought Cherryburst Player's piece; solid spruce top; plays and sounds great Soft Case 299

Alvarez AD-60S N 2000s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Solid spruce top; set up and plays great Soft Case 219

Alvarez AF60L 2013 Acoustic Left-Handed Folk Natural Left-handed; solid spruce top Soft Case 239

Alvarez AD90 2012 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Premium solid sitka spruce top; koa back and sides; great dreadnought Soft Case 429

Alvarez MD350 2000s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural All solid woods; top of the line Alvarez; beautiful! Hard Case 549

Alvarez-Yairi CY-125 1981 Acoustic Classical Natural Solid cedar top; rosewood back and sides; traditional neck Hard Case 459

Alvarez-Yairi CYM75 2013 Acoustic Classical Natural Handmade in Japan; all solid woods; near-mint condition Hard Case 1249

Garrido Classical 1960s Acoustic Classical Natural Handmade in Spain; all original; lightest classical ever; big tone! Original Hard Case SOLD

Gold Tone Model SM (Weissenborn-style) 2013 Acoustic Weissenborn-style Dark Stain Natural All solid mahogany; Hawaiian lap steel; light and loud Original Hard Case 649

Guild Mark I Classical 1969 Acoustic Classical Natural (dark) New tuners, repaired braces; great tone Soft Case 429

Hohner HG-07 1970s Acoustic Grand Concert Natural Made in Japan; all original, very clean; bright tone Soft Case 199

Martin 000X1AE 2015 Acoustic Electric Auditorium Natural Satin Solid spruce top; Fishman pickup Soft Case 489

Martin 00-17 Reissue 2003 Acoustic Grand Concert Natural Gloss Rare all mahogany with nice appointments; gold hardware; very cool! Hard Case 1299

Oahu Square Neck Acoustic 1940s Acoustic Parlor Tobacco Sunburst Great little vintage slide box Soft Case 229

Recording King RA-998 2013 Acoustic Resonator Mandolin Nickel Silver All original; excellent condition; very cool! Original Case 299

Recording King RR60VS 2013 Acoustic Resonator Vintage Sunburst Dobro-style; square neck; great tone Hard Case 479

Republic Highway 61 'Shorty' 2013 Acoustic Short-scale Resonator Antique Steel Factory-installed Shatten pickup; cool finish Original Case SOLD

Seagull S6 Spruce Q1 2002 Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Natural Made in Canada; excellent condition; solid spruce top; plays great Soft Case 499

Seagull Maritime SWS Mini Jumbo HG 2000s Acoustic Mini Jumbo Natural Gloss All solid wood; comfortable body size; sounds great Soft Case SOLD

Seagull Artist Mosaic Deluxe QII 2000s Acoustic Electric Dreadnought Natural Semi-Gloss Made in Canada; all original; all solid woods; QII pickup system Tric Hard Case 629

Tacoma DM9 1990s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Pre-Fender; solid spruce top; solid mahogany back and sides; plays and sounds great Soft Case 479

Takamine EG540C 1995 Acoustic Electric Grand Auditorium Cutaway Natural Nice pre-amp and pickup; plays great Soft Case 349

Yamaha CG192C 2001 Acoustic Electric Classical Natural Solid American cedar top; ebony fretboard; excellent condition Soft Case 475

EKO Cobra II 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Great condition; very cool '60s guitar; plays great Soft Case SOLD

Eastwood Hi Flyer 2008 Electric Solid Transparent Blueburst Custom-modded by Wade; 2 Duncan Jaguar pickups added; 4 pickups; ask about custom wiring; versatile Soft Case SOLD

Epiphone Dot 1998 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Natural Korean-made = great quality; new tuners; semi-hollow player Soft Case 479

Epiphone Les Paul Ultra 2007 Electric Solid Cherryburst Quilted Top Made in Korea; all original; full maple cap Deluxe Hard Case 549

Epiphone Granada 1965 Electric Hollow Faded Cherry Sunburst Made in USA by Gibson; thin hollow body; raised pickguard with Melodymaker-style pickup; all original; great tone Modern Hard Case 1149

Fender Bullet 1981 Electric Solid Red Made in USA; Strat scale length; excellent condition; plays great; li'l ripper! Original Hard Case 499

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1993-94 Electric Solid Black Made in Mexico; plays great Soft Case 389

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1994 Electric Solid Black Made in Mexico; pickups upgraded; slight wear, but great tone Soft Case 389

Roland/Fender GC-1 GK Stratocaster 2000s Electric Solid Black Alder body; rosewood fretboard; Roland GK synth pickup; plays great Soft Case 399

Fender Standard Stratocaster 1998 Electric Solid Black Made in Mexico; black on black; plays great Soft Case 429

Fender Classic '60s Stratocaster 2007 Electric Solid Metallic Silver Made in Mexico; mint pickguard; vintage vibes Soft Case 499

Fender Stratocaster Standard 1985 Electric Solid Arctic White Made in Japan; USA Seymour Duncan pickups; plays great Soft Case 569

Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2011 Electric Solid Metallic Red Excellent condition; all original; plays great Hard Case 975

Fender 1965 Reissue Stratocaster 2012 Electric Solid Olympic White Fender Custom Shop Texas Special pickups; excellent condition Original Hard Case 1249

Fender Classic Players Jazzmaster 2011 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Mexico; all original; cool variant of a classic Hard Case 679

Fender Blacktop Telecaster Baritone 2012 Electric Solid Metallic Copper All original; excellent condition; big 'bari' tone Hard Case SOLD

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2001 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; great tone; plays great Original Hard Case 749

Fender American Standard Telecaster 1997 Electric Solid Black Made in USA; sounds and plays great Hard Case 829

Fender American Standard Telecaster 1989 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; pickup upgraded, all else original; alder body; whoa! 26 yrs old?!? Original Hard Case 999

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2013 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; great condition Hard Case 1049

Gibson SG Standard 2006 Electric Solid Arctic White Mint condition; rare color; real slick playing! Original Hard Case 1499

Gibson SG Special Classic 2005 Electric Solid Cherry Stain '60s style; mahogany body; P-90s; plays great Original Hard Case 849

Godin Solidac 2000 Electric Solid Black Single cutaway solid body with standard pickups and bridge transducer with preamp Soft Case 319

Godin 5th Avenue Kingpin II 2010 Electric Hollow Natural Made in Canada; cutaway full-depth archtop; 2 P-90 pickups Hard Case 649

Guild Starfire III 1961 Electric Semi-hollow Dark Stain Natural Repaired headstock crack rock solid; all original; Dynasonic pickups; sounds amazing Hard Case SOLD

Hohner G2T Headless 1980s Electric Solid Black All original; Steinberger licensed Original Soft Case 399

Ibanez RG-570 2001 Electric Solid Metallic Copper All original; made in Japan; Floyd Rose; fast action Hard Case 399

Ibanez Silver Series Strat Copy 1976 Electric Solid Sunburst Early Duncan Quarter Pound bridge pickup; all else original Original Hard Case 479

PRS S-2 Custom 24 2014 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; mahogany body, maple top; coil tap Original Soft Case SOLD

Rickenbacker 620 2014 Electric Solid Mapleglo All original; mint condition Original Hard Case 1099

SNAFU (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) Custom Telecaster-style 2009 Electric Solid Red Classic specs; USA B5 Bigsby; Duncan pickups Soft Case 549

Samick HJ-650 Artist 1990s Electric Hollow Sunburst Made in Korea; all original; great, affordable jazz box Hard Case 499

Silvertone Model 1429 1962 Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Single cutaway archtop with 3 DeArmond pickups; made by Harmony in Chicago; super cool! Soft Case 849

Squier by Fender Telecaster Custom II 2011 Electric Solid Vintage Cream P-90 pickups; lightweight; plays great Soft Case 239

Squier by Fender Protone II Telecaster 1996 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Red Thinline-style swamp ash body; modded with '70s-style Tele decal by previous owner Soft Case 299

Sterling by Music Man AX20 2011 Electric Solid Black with Skull, Rose, and Rock Star graphics Music Man design; Alnico5 humbuckers; locking tuners; get your Rock Star on! Soft Case 199


Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Fender Jazz Bass Standard/All Parts neck 2011 Electric Solid Metallic Teal Made in Mexico; Quarter Pounder Duncan pickups (USA); All Parts neck (Japan); classic jazz bass setup Soft Case 399

Fender Precision Bass Standard 2011 Electric Solid Black Made in Mexico; all original; great condition; plays fantastic Soft Case 449

Fender Musicmaster Bass 1976 Electric Solid Black Made in USA; all original; medium scale; great tone and action Original Chip Case 799

Hofner 500/1 Icon Series Beatle Bass 2000s Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Asian-made; limited '60s reissue with “Staple” pickups Original Hard Case 399

Ibanez Artist Bass 1977 Electric Solid Dark Stain Natural All original; set-neck; nice woods; excellent condition; great tone and action Original Hard Case 699

Samick SCBM-1G 1990s Electric Solid Black Made in Korea; all original; plays and sounds great Soft Case 169

Squier by Fender Mickey May Mustang Bass 2013 Electric Solid Gold Sparkle with Black Accent Based on 1969 Competition Mustang bass; short scale; plays great; cool! Soft Case 249

Supro Violin Bass 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Long scale; new back plate; cool sound Hard Case 399

Yamaha BB714BS 2000s Electric Solid Black Billy Sheehan Signature bass; high output pickups Hard Case 599