Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Alvarez-Yairi CY-125 1981 Acoustic Classical Natural Solid cedar top; rosewood back and sides; traditional neck Hard Case 459

Art & Lutherie Spruce Burgundy GT 2000s Acoustic Dreadnought Burgundy Burst Gloss Top Made in Canada by Godin; solid spruce top; cherry back and sides Soft Case 279

Cordoba C3M Classical 2014 Acoustic Classical Natural Solid cedar top; Spanish 7-fan bracing; warm and smooth Soft Case 159

Enrique Tapicas C-40 1992 Acoustic Classical Natural Gloss Nice, affordable classical; sounds nice Soft Case 129

Epiphone Hound Dog Biscuit 2006 Acoustic Resonator Chestnut Stain Natural Laminated mahogany resonator Soft Case 279

Garcia No. 1 1974 Acoustic Classical Natural Gloss Spanish pine top; rosewood back and sides Soft Case 219

Gibson Nouveau NV-6 1980s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Short-lived Gibson hybrid; woods shaped and prepared in Japan, assembled and finished in USA Hard Case 549

Gibson SJ-200 2007 Acoustic Jumbo Natural Gloss Classic Gibson maple jumbo; made in USA; all solid woods; big and loud! Hard Case 1799

Gibson LG-3 1960 Acoustic Grand Concert Natural Gloss All original; excellent condition; X-braced; last year of '50s features; incredible tone; rare! Original Case 3399

Guild D-40 1978 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Repaired cracks; sounds great; LOUD! Hard Case 849

Guild F-20-ST 1967 Acoustic Concert Sunburst Gloss Rare Guild “0”-size; made in Rhode Island; great tone and action Original Soft Case 1099

Gurian J-R 1980 Acoustic Jumbo Natural Made by Michael Gurian in New Hampshire; last production of Gurian guitars Hard Case 2399

Highland W-SP-21N ? Acoustic Classical Natural Good 'Swedish'-style classical; plays great Soft Case 219

La Patrie Collection 2010 Acoustic Classical Natural Gloss All solid wood; excellent condition; plays great Hard Case 389

Laguna L-29 S-12 1980s Acoustic 12-String Dreadnought Natural Gloss Prototype; all solid woods; plays and sounds great Hard Case 499

Langenjans W-12 1994 Acoustic Electric 12-String Jumbo/Dreadnought Cutaway Dark Stain Natural Gloss Handmade in Michigan; high quality 12-string Original Soft Case 1149

Oahu Square Neck Acoustic 1940s Acoustic Parlor Tobacco Sunburst Great little vintage slide box Soft Case 229

Recording King RA-998 2013 Acoustic Resonator Mandolin Nickel Silver All original; excellent condition; very cool! Original Case 299

Republic Highway 61 'Shorty' 2010 Acoustic Short-scale Resonator Teaberry Short scale Hard Case 399

Republic Highway 61 'Shorty' 2014 Acoustic Short-scale Resonator Rusted Red Short scale; steel body; rusted red finish; K&K pickup added Hard Case 649

Sogo SL-54 1970s Acoustic Classical Natural Handmade Japanese classical; sounds like an expensive old classical! Soft Case 229

Takamine GD-20 NS 2014 Acoustic Dreadnought Light Stain Natural Solid spruce top; mint condition; great tone Soft Case 229

Taylor 301-M-GB (Baby) 2000 Acoustic ¾ Dreadnought Natural Satin Travel-size Baby Taylor; all solid woods Soft and Hard Cases 269

Ventura V-14 Late '70s Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Nice '70s Japanese dreadnought; cool machine! Chip Case 349

Washburn WD525W 2013 Acoustic Dreadnought Natural Gloss Solid spruce top; great condition Soft Case 399

Yamaha CG192C 2001 Acoustic Electric Classical Natural Solid American cedar top; ebony fretboard; excellent condition Soft Case 475

Austin Bazaar Strat-style 2000s Electric Solid Metallic Cobalt Intro level strat-style Soft Case 59

Epiphone Les Paul Special II 2007 Electric Solid Black Good starter electric Soft Case 99

Epiphone Firebird 1980s Electric Solid Tobacco Sunburst Quality Korean-made; Steinberger trem replaced with Bigsby Hard Case 389

Epiphone Les Paul Standard 2010 Electric Solid Transparent Mustard Yellow Flame top; excellent condition; plays great Soft Case 499

Epiphone ES-339 P-90 Pro 2015 Electric Semi-hollow Black Excellent condition; plays great; cool semi-hollow Soft Case 399

Epiphone Dot 1998 Electric Semi-hollow Natural Made in Korea; plays great Deluxe Soft Case 475

Epiphone Joe Pass 1997 Electric Hollow Natural w/ Black Binding Nice jazz box; deep tone, plays great Hard Case 599

Fender Stratocaster Standard 1985 Electric Solid Arctic White Made in Japan; USA Seymour Duncan pickups; plays great Soft Case 569

Fender American Standard Stratocaster 2011 Electric Solid Metallic Red Excellent condition; all original; plays great Hard Case 975

Fender Stratocaster 1975 Electric Solid Natural All original; excellent condition; awesome ash body! Original Hard Case 2899

Fender California Series Telecaster 1997 Electric Solid Black Made in USA; original pickups; great tone and action Original Hard Case 749

Fender American Standard Telecaster 2013 Electric Solid Sunburst Made in USA; all original; great condition Hard Case 1049

Floyd Rose Discovery Series OT 2010 Electric Solid Metallic Red Solid body; locking trem; 3 pickups; all original Soft Case 269

Floyd Rose Speed Loader 2004 Electric Solid Transparent Red Flametop All original; plays great Soft Case 399

G&L Legacy 2003 Electric Solid Mary Kay Blonde (Transparent) Made in USA; swamp ash body; rosewood board; Mary Kay finish; sold new by Wade's Guitar Shop; one owner Hard Case 949

Gibson Les Paul Tribute 2014 Electric Solid Black All original; affordable version like Studio/Faded Hard Case 699

Gibson ES-330 1964 Electric Hollow Sunburst All original; '62 black pickup covers; looks, plays, and sounds amazing! Hard Case 3999

Hamer Grand Ole Opry 2000s Electric Hollow Transparent Red Full hollow body; archtop tribute guitar; looks like a big ol' Gretsch! Soft Case 449

Harmony Roy Smeck 1959 Electric Hollow Midnight Blue/Black with Cream Binding All original; sweet vintage tone! Original Hard Case 849

Heritage H-535 1988 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Honeyburst ES-335 style; made in Kalamazoo, MI; excellent condition; plays great Hard Case 1349

Heritage Millenium DC 2015 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Red One piece mahogany neck; solid carved maple top; Seth Lover humbuckers Hard Case 1799

Ibanez RG570 2001 Electric Solid Metallic Copper All original; made in Japan; Floyd Rose; fast action Hard Case 399 on sale 289!

Ibanez Roadstar II 1984 Electric Solid Black Strat-style; made in Japan; 2 humbuckers Soft Case 399

Ibanez Silver Series Strat Copy 1976 Electric Solid Sunburst Early Duncan Quarter Pound bridge pickup; all else original Original Hard Case 479

Ibanez Prestige 2007 Electric Solid Natural Team J Craft made; plays great Hard Case 749

Ibanez AG75 2015 Electric Hollow Sunburst All original; hollow body; 2 humbuckers Soft Case 329

J. Reynolds Strat-style 2000s Electric Solid Black Strat-style; good starter electric Soft Case 119

Kay Thin Twin 1954 Electric Hollow Natural Restoration tuners, all else original; Jimmy Reed model; cool '50s rocker! Non-Original Hard Case 1499

PRS S-2 Singlecut 2014 Electric Semi-hollow Arctic White Made in USA; excellent condition Original Soft Case 1199

Recording King RG32-SM Lap Steel 2014 Electric Solid Sunburst Gloss Lap steel; solid mahogany body; single P-90 pickup; great tone! Soft Case 149

Rickenbacker 360/12 2013 Electric 12-String Semi-hollow Fireglo All original; mint condtion; the classic 12-string! Original Hard Case 1399

SNAFU (Wade's Guitar Shop Custom Build) Custom Telecaster-style 2009 Electric Solid Red Classic specs; USA B5 Bigsby; Duncan pickups; plays awesome! Soft Case 549

Squier/Parts Guitar Bullet 1980s Electric Solid Chestnut Stain Natural Awesome '80s Korean Squier neck on custom 1-piece Honduran mahogany body; plays great Hard Case 429

Sterling Sub Series 2000s Electric Solid Black Made by Ernie Ball; humbucker in bridge Soft Case 135


Brand Model Year Style Body Type Color / Finish Description Case Our Price

Dean PLAYEAB 2004 Acoustic Electric Bass Natural Jumbo body acoustic bass; solid spruce top Soft Case (coming soon)

Takamine EGB2S-BK 2010 Acoustic Electric Cutaway Bass Black Gloss Top of the line acoustic bass; excellent pickup and preamp; sounds great Hard Case 549

Washburn AB-10 1990s Acoustic Electric Cutaway Bass Black Gloss Cool Korean-made acoustic bass; underrated; very high quality Soft Case 279

Epiphone EB-3 2006 Electric Solid Transparent Brick Red Custom DiMarzio in bridge Soft Case 299

Epiphone Allen Woody Bass 2015 Electric Semi-hollow Transparent Wine Les Paul body style; new, discontinued model semi-hollow; dual mini humbuckers; great tone Soft Case 459

Fender P-Bass 1970 Electric Solid Metallic Blue Nice refin; replaced pickguard; plays great; super cool! Hard Case 1499

Fender P-Bass 1963 Electric Solid Candy Apple Red Very rare; all original; a pre-CBS Fender classic Original Hard Case 9999

Grande Jazz Bass early '70s Electric Solid Sunburst Made in Japan; super cool Fender copy; Duncan pickup upgrade Original Hard Case 429

Hofner 500/1 Icon Series Beatle Bass 2000s Electric Semi-hollow Sunburst Asian-made; limited '60s reissue with “Staple” pickups Original Hard Case 399

Ibanez BTB575F (5-string) 2004 Electric Solid Transparent Quilted Electric Blue 5-string bass; quilted maple top; Active electronics; plays great Soft Case 429

Kalamazoo KB 1960s Electric Solid Marshmallow Made in Gibson factory in MI; short scale; EB-0 pickup Soft Case 529

Squier by Fender Mustang Bass 2013 Electric Solid Gold Sparkle w/ Black Competition Racing Stripes Short scale; awesome color; great starter bass Soft Case 279

Supro Violin Bass 1960s Electric Solid Sunburst Long scale; new back plate; cool sound Hard Case 399

Tokai Jazz Sound 1970s Electric Solid Sunburst Excellent Japanese-made Jazz-style bass Original Hard Case 749

Warwick Rock Bass 5 String 2000 Electric Solid Transparent Teal Great pre-amp; plays great; cool 5-string Soft Case 369

Washburn Bantam Bass Late '80s Electric Solid Black Steinberger-style; headstock not included (ha ha!) Original Soft Case 249

Yamaha BB714BS 2000s Electric Solid Black Billy Sheehan Signature bass; high output pickups Hard Case 599 on sale 399!